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Bogalusa Mayor Threatened by Councilwoman with Loaded Weapon Comment

Bogalusa, LA (4/21/2022) – Mayor Tyrin Truong took to Facebook to express grave concern over the lack of decorum exhibited by members of the Bogalusa City Council during a recent meeting.

In a shocking revelation, Mayor Truong revealed that he was threatened by a council member wielding a “loaded double barrel shotgun.”

City of Bogalusa: Live YouTube Stream

Mayor Truong’s statement on Facebook reads, “Last night, I was threatened by a council person with a ‘loaded double barrel shotgun.’ Being that this incident was caught on livestream, I have decided to press charges to make an example. We cannot decry gun violence amongst teenagers and conduct ourselves in this manner. What example are we setting? Violence is never the answer and I’m tired of the death threats.”

The incident occurred during a council meeting and was captured on City of Bogalusa Live Youtube Stream. As Councilwoman Penny Douglas appeared to be walking out of the council meeting in frustration, she is quoted as saying, “I have a double barrel shotgun, and both barrels are loaded.” Following this alarming statement, Douglas was escorted out of the meeting, although she was later allowed back in.

In addition to the disturbing altercation, the Bogalusa City Council passed an spending freeze, impacting essential services and community development projects. Among the programs affected is the summer YouthCorps jobs program, which has been cancelled. The spending freeze will also impact services provided by Public Works, Police, and Fire departments.

Mayor Truong’s call for greater engagement in city government underscores the urgency of addressing the troubling behavior exhibited by council members and the ramifications of their decisions on the community.

Further updates on this developing situation are expected via the city’s Facebook page. As the investigation unfolds, residents await clarity on the impact of the spending freeze and measures to address the concerning conduct of council members.

Stay tuned for more updates as this story develops.

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