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Power Dynamics in Alexandria’s Economic Development; GAEDA Chairperson Attempts to Oust Legal Counsel

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Alexandria, LA (4/29/2024) – This is a clear example of how the Roy Administration and His Political Cronies will do any and everything to circumvent the power of the Alexandria City Council and the council members’ appointees to the Greater Alexandria Economic Development Authority (GAEDA).

For some reason Attorney Greg Upton, a partner with Gold Weems Law Firm with over 20 years of experience has decided that because he is the newly appointed chairman of GAEDA the recommended nominee of Lee Rubin he has the authority to do what he and his friends want to be done and not what the law and state STATUTE says as it relates to the voting process and how GAEDA operates. 

Attorney Greg Upton who is the Vice President and Director at the Gold Weems Law Firm has decided he is above the law as it is structured in Alexandria. The same Gold Weems Law Firm that bills the City of Alexandria tax payers approximately $7 million dollars each year. 

Greg Upton wants Attorney Tiffany Sanders removed from her role as GAEDA’s attorney. Attorney Sanders filed an answer to John Callis’ lawsuit defending the organization and its position that Angela Varnado’s contract was legally binding and two days later he asked for her removal.

Despite only being in his role for less than two months Mr. Upton requested GAEDA to terminate a contract they entered into with the law offices of Tiffany Sanders. Despite her performance and the commission voting not to terminate the contract, he has still sent her correspondence that her last day representing GAEDA will be April 30th. Despite Upton knowing this is a violation of several laws and statutes he has decided to “exert” his perceived power in this matter anyway. 

Who is he? What makes him think he can supersede Louisiana Laws and the GAEDA policy on voting to get what he and his goons want? That’s right GOONS!! This is an attempt to make GAEDA an extension of the mayor’s office and the virtual dictatorship the administration operates in now. 

The fact should not be lost this is also the 2nd double minority that he has had or attempted to have removed from their roles with GAEDA.  And for what? Upton has yet to answer that. The fact that GAEDA is responsible for Economic Development in Greater Alexandria shows those who put Upton in his position have an agenda and will do anything to get that agenda pushed!

Luckily for the citizens of Alexandria Tiffany Sanders knows the laws and statutes and will not just go with what the “elite” power holders in this community want for them and their friends and not what is best for the city and citizens of Alexandria. 

This is yet another example of why you have to get registered to vote and vote in every election affecting your community. These actions could not be happening if we had the right council members in place who are concerned about a Greater Alexandria. 

Instead, the current members or most of them are afraid to stand up to an administration hell-bent on success for a select few and not the greater good for every citizen in Alexandria. 


NOVEMBER 5, 2024 is the next Election!

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